* Industrial sites are subject to environmental regulation and are targets for brownfield redevelopment *

TAK maintains a full-service environmental law practice. The firm’s attorneys have extensive knowledge of New Jersey and Federal environmental laws and regulations, as well as the laws and rules of other states. TAK has also represented clients in environmental matters in New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island among others. The attorneys at TAK provide assistance to both businesses and individuals seeking to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance. The firm has substantial experience with matters involving state and federal governmental agencies, and considers all avenues to resolve any government agency action. TAK understands that costs and expenses are a concern in any environmental matter, and strives to assist clients in pursuing environmental grants, loans or insurance coverage whenever possible.

TAK’s practice covers all aspects of environmental law, including renewable energy and sustainability, climate change resiliency, environmental justice, emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, brownfield development and redevelopment, site remediation, CERCLA (Superfund), RCRA, solid and hazardous waste management, and landfill operation and closure. The firm also assists clients with underground storage tanks; water supply, water treatment, and wastewater management planning and permitting; air and water pollution control; wetlands, flood hazard area, CAFRA, waterfront development and land use permitting; tidelands licenses and grants; Highlands and Pinelands, electric grid connections, grant and loan applications, environmental insurance coverage, and other environmental compliance issues.

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