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* We can assist you in managing the employer-employee relationship *

The employer-employee relationship is an essential part of every business. To start the relationship off on the right foot, employers must establish clear policies and expectations at the outset of employment. TAK attorneys have the knowledge and experience to assist employers in preparing employee handbooks and policies, drafting employment and collective bargaining agreements, and developing employee training programs. While this foundation often allows for a successful working relationship, some employee or union disputes are unavoidable. In those circumstances, TAK attorneys can help employers defend against union grievances or employee complaints. Our lawyers are well-equipped to respond to discrimination, retaliation, wage and hour, and contract claims, and have ample mediation, arbitration, litigation and appeal experience.

TAK also provides compliance assistance to employers to ensure that they are meeting their regulatory and contractual obligations. TAK assists employers in responding to union audits, investigations by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and New Jersey Division of Civil Rights, or any other inquiry by a union or State or Federal agency.

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